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ZBB EnerSection Power & Energy Control

The ZBB EnerSection provides a firm, dispatchable, renewable power plant for daily energy management needs and emergency operations for distributed generation applications. Its configurable architecture integrates multiple AC and DC power generation sources discreetly with one or multiple types of energy storage units with any combination of utility, bi-directional grid-tie inverters, stand-alone inverters for off-grid AC power, and/or DC outputs to provide critical DC power. 


ZBB invertery assembly in Milwaukee, WI

  • The ZBB EnerSection is the heart of the ZBB EnerSystem — for a single point-of-connection to all connected power sources and storage
  • Universal, modular design integrates any power input and output with any storage device via discrete power electronic ‘buckets’
  • Easily expanded or modified in the field; with no software reconfigurations
  • Inverters are ETL certified to UL1741 standards
  • Patented common DC bus seamlessly hybridizes multiple battery traits — fast response with long discharge bulk storage as needed 
  • Up to 500kW AC power rating per platformWide temperature range -22°F to 122°F / -30°C to 50°C 
  • Additional AC and/or DC output ‘buckets’ for continuous, grid independent power supply to critical loads onsite
  • Optional ZBB’s Grid Isolation Device (GID) automatically provides both normal and back up power supply with controls to isolate power to and from the grid supply, while connecting customer loads with onsite generation and storage during outages, then seamlessly reconnects to the normal grid operation when grid service is restored